FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

1. NO COMPANIONS ALLOWED INSIDE THE CLINIC PREMISES. Except for children who are patients.

2. What is the best time to come for Medical Examination?

As early as possible. We are open starting 7:30 am daily until Saturday for you to finish all tests to be done in one day and get your results the following day.

3. What are the things I need for Medical Examination?

Bring your Personal Identification (and Photocopy)(ID), referral form from your Agency dully signed by the authorized person; Payment if not billed to your Agency.

4. Should I bring my urine/stool sample specimen?

NO. The urine/stool sample is collected at the clinic.

5. I have maintenance medication, should I stop it when I report for PEME?

No. Fasting requirement means no food nor water starting midnight the day before blood extraction. However, you can adjust your medication intake before or after the scheduled medical exam.

6. Do I need to fast for my medical examination?

YES, only for the following tests: Otherwise, just go through with your normal routine.

a. FBS (Fasting Blood Sugar)

b. BUA (Blood Uric Acid)

c. Total Cholesterol

d. Triglyceride

e. Lipid Profile

7. Can I use my X-ray result with another clinic to complete my medical result with your clinic?

NO. However, we can use it for comparative review.

8. When can I get my Medical Result?

If you have NO pending results, medical certificate (FIT TO WORK) can be released the following day.

If you have pending results due to findings in your medical examination, you will be called upon to return to the clinic for medical specialty clearance (OBGyne, Pulmonary, Cardiac, others).

9. Can I personally pick-up my MEDICAL CERTIFICATE result?

YES and NO


• If you are walk-in applicant, Medical Certificate are released to you personally.

• If you are Direct Hire from POEA and your test results show a Class A to B+ status.

• If you are an Agency applicant but have an authorization from your Agency to pick-up your Medical Certificate.


• If you were referred by a Company or Agency and they paid for your Medical Examination.

• If you are a direct hire from POEA and your test show an UNFIT status.

10. Do you have a dress code requirement?

No sleeveless, shorts, nor slippers. It is the building policy.

Our Employees

The Clinic, is equipped to provide medical examinations to land based and marine based (seafarers) overseas and local workers.