HEARTWELL assures its clients of high quality services of high standard, specific and sensitive to their needs and with integrity all throughout.

Our services include:
Complete Physical Examination with Medical History
Chest x-ray Digital CR System

Laboratory Tests :
CBC ( Automated w/ 3 part Diffrential Count )
Routine Blood Typing
Routine Urinalysis (Automated Urine Strip Reader w/ 10 parameter Urine Strip)
Hepatitis B screening
HIV / AIDS Screening

Audiometry ( Pure Tone Air Conduction )
Visual Acuity ( Snellen’s Jeager’s )
Ishihara Test ( Ishihara 24 plates )
Dental Examination & Services
Psychological Test ( 16pf and or BPI, PNLT, Autobiography, Interview )
Electrocardiography ( 12 Lead ECG ) w/ ECG Reading
Others (Drug Test, Ultrasound, Blood Chemistry, etc.)

*Test results are delivered within 24 - 48 hours.
**Rush/Urgent Medical Examination on request basis


Medical Department

Medical Director Revien B. Dela Cruz, M.D.
Male Examining Physician Voltaire B. Manzano MD.
Female Examining Physician Kristianne Samantha Gonzales, Rmt, MD.
Nurse/Information Angel A. De Guzman
HIV Proficient Dianne Louise R. Ladores, RMT.
Psychologist Roderick G. Fuentes RP
Head Dentist Ria F. Dela Cruz, D.M.D.
Medical Technologist Geyya V. Eduagen
Kristelle Anne Rimple M. Fidelino
X-Ray Technician Pinraida I. Madurri
Ali H. Bakil

Our Employees

The Clinic, is equipped to provide medical examinations to land based and marine based (seafarers) overseas and local workers.