HEARTWELL assures its clients of high quality services of high standard, specific and sensitive to their needs and with integrity all throughout.

Our services include:
Complete Physical Examination with Medical History
Chest x-ray Digital CR System

Laboratory Tests :
CBC ( Automated w/ 3 part Diffrential Count )
Routine Blood Typing
Routine Urinalysis (Automated Urine Strip Reader w/ 10 parameter Urine Strip)
Hepatitis B screening
HIV / AIDS Screening

Audiometry ( Pure Tone Air Conduction )
Visual Acuity ( Snellen’s Jeager’s )
Ishihara Test ( Ishihara 24 plates )
Dental Examination & Services
Psychological Test ( 16pf and or BPI, PNLT, Autobiography, Interview )
Electrocardiography ( 12 Lead ECG ) w/ ECG Reading
Others (Drug Test, Ultrasound, Blood Chemistry, etc.)

*Test results are delivered within 24 - 48 hours.
**Rush/Urgent Medical Examination on request basis


Medical Department

Medical Director Revien B. Dela Cruz, M.D.
Examining Physician Revien B. Dela Cruz, M.D.
Nurse/Information Julie J. Saparo
HIV Proficient Medical Technologist/td> Ronaldo E. Ramos, R.M.T.
Psychologist Roderick G. Fuentes RP
Head Dentist Ria F. Dela Cruz, D.M.D.
Medical Technologist Alyssa E. Cruz
Ann Christhel M. Ballesteros
X-Ray Technician Krislyn T. Cadampog
Benjamin J. Tapsi

Our Employees

The Clinic, is equipped to provide medical examinations to land based and marine based (seafarers) overseas and local workers.